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Welcome to the website of aerial photography enthusiasts, taking photos from the air in a natural, organic and gluten-free way: with a kite. 

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KAP Jasa stands for Kite Aerial Photography - Janez and Saša. An ingenious name, isn't it?


Janez is the chief pilot, kite designer and maker, photographer and DTP wizard.

Saša is a co-pilot, know-it-all wannabe, pulisher, writer and editor.

We started KAP Jasa in July 2017, some months after the first try of taking pictures with a mobile phone taped to a stunt kite went rather awry. Our first true KAP kite was a 200 cm blue Rokkaku Dako, drawn ands sewn by Janez, and so delicately made it can lift a compact camera in a 5 km/h breeze. A 160 cm Royal 69 Sled followed, suitable for stronger winds, and a 333 cm Great White Delta is the latest addition. All kites are made by Janez on his venerable Ruža sewing machine.

Those kites carry various photo and video equipment: a Braun Jumper II and a Denver 5020TWC action cameras for video, and a Canon A810 compact camera and a Nikon 1 J1 mirrorless camera for stills.

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