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Messages of Hope on Strings of Hope

During the lockdowns of the winter 2020/2021 we conceived and launched a social awareness kite-flying initiative called Strings of Hope, as kite lines can be, well, strings of hope.

The idea is simple: you send us messages, Messages of Hope, and we and other kite flyers from all over the world fly them high into the sky on a kite line. Like this:

Check out the official Strings of Hope website, where you can see all the messages, videos of them flying - and you can share your own Message of Hope that will fly into the sky on a kite line somewhere! The first global event of the Strings of Hope initiative happened last January as a great Makar Sankranti / Uttarayan virtual kite festival. Since the regular kite festival in Gujarat was cancelled and we couldn't meet our friends, we did the next best thing: a three day virtual kite flying party, during which more than 200 kite flyers from 45 countries from every continent except Antarctica) flew hundreds of Messages of Hope.

The main topic of the 2021 Stings of Hope was Hope in the times of the pandemic. For 2022 we used a suggestion from Madam Ambassador of India in Slovenia, H.E. Namrata S. Kumar, and set the topic as Shield the world. Fight climate change!

Again, we got hundreds of Messages of Hope about fighting climate change ... from kids and adults from all over the world - from Nauru to Vatican! - and since the main event is not over yet, messages keep coming in.

Kiters of the world are sending those messages into the sky on their kite lines, and we used one of our KAP sessions to send a couple of Messages of Hope, created by kids in Tunisia, high above Slovenia. The session on the Ljubljana Marshes landscape park was uneventful, and we got a nice surprise on one of the kite aerial photos.

Kite aerial view towards Grmez hill and the village of Škofljica

Across the Marshes towards Ljubljana

River Ižica meanders across the landscape park

Look at this one:

The white cones on the kite line are Messages of Hope that our trilobite kite carried to the sky! :-)

Don't forget to share your Message of Hope on the Strings of Hope website - it will fly high somewhere in the world and it will reach everybody on this planet!


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