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Have we just discovered something?

We always say kite is a great scientific tool and that kite aerial photography can lead to actual discoveries (great masters at West Lothian Aerial Archaeology proved that so many times) - and now this!

(TL;DR: did we discover something in the river? Probably not.)

As we checked our kite aerial photos of river Unica in Planina karst field, Slovenia, we noticed this submerged structure. Hearts and minds raced - is it man made? Could it be - a boat?

There was a special type of boat unique to Planina karst field and Cerknica lake called "drevak" (monoxyl), made out of two trees (ok, 'duoxyl' then) and sporting a flat bottom for navigating flooded karst fields, fishing, and transporting people, cargo, and cattle.

(taken without permission from

Drevak boats were used from times immemorial - the Celts were using the same design! - up until the 20th century. And if this discovery is for real, it is an important remnant of our cultural and technical heritage.

Alas, most probably it's nothing; just nature playing with our much too eager eyes and minds. But the excitement is real - and we sure will investigate further (and consult them *real* archaeologists) :-)

Shot with Nikon 1 J1 on a Royal69 sled kite.

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