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And Now for Something Completely Different - A Giant Show Kite

While KAP Jasa kite society is mainly doing kite aerial photography, we do kites too ... We have made a couple of KAP workhorses (a venerable Rokakku, a couple of deltas, Millie the french military kite, a fled and a Royal 69 sled), but we designed and made some showkites too - to fly them for fun, at kite festivals and for the amusement of general public.

Exaggeration is the word when we - and by 'we' we mean Janez, or dr.agon as he prefers - design and make kites. This one is no exception:

This huge air monster - a Giant Wiener Doggo Kite - is, well, really huge. Almost 70 square meters of fabric; the kite itself (with Caly the Kite Dog appliqué) is 6 meters wide and 1,5 m high, made of ripstop nylon, while the tail is 15 meters long and 3,60 m wide and made of taft.

Here is its first flight, in the beautiful Ljubljansko Barje Landscape Park:


And it all began when Janez got himself a cute little dachshund - Caly ...

Kite aerial photo of Caly the KAP dog on her first KAP session

Oooowwwww ... She would look so cool on a kite, right? Right! So Janez - dr.agon - dusted his sewing machine and ...

The completely new design - something between a genki and a multiplited fled was born ... and it flew beauifully:

But it was soon apparent that it needs a tail, both for aesthetic and practical reasons (stability was a bit of an issue). And the tail must be ... well, exaggerated!

For all its enormity we - again, Janez, dr.agon - had to sew the tail in a big enough place; so Dragomelj elementary school kindly let us use their smaller gym.

On the test flight we realized we've created a monster. In a 20+ km/h wind we were left at its mercy; luckily it's so big that when it really catches the wind, its pull gets beyond strong slowly, so one is able to handle it.

And it's beautiful ...

Now it's time to show it to the world - kite festivals await!

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