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Flying Kites in Gujarat

What a time we've had ...

Dancers at the opening ceremony of IKF Gujarat 2020 in Saputara. Photo by Nikunj Raghvani.

Team KAP Jasa was again invited to Gujarat, India - to represent Slovenia at of the largest kite festivals in the world, International Kite Festival Gujarat 2020.

The festival took place in Ahmedabad and numerous other cities of Gujarat from 7th to 14th January, leading up to the great holiday of Uttarayan.

And it was a-ma-zing!

Slovenia at the opening ceremony of IKF Gujarat 2020

Crowds of kite lovers at the opening ceremony

Thousands came to see our kites fly

Flying kites all around Gujarat

This year we were invited to show our kites and our kite flying skills not only in Ahmedabad, but in other cities and places around Gujarat too. From Vadodara to Kevadiya and the impossibly enormous Statue of Unity, from Surat the diamond city to hill station of Saputara ... everywhere we were overwhelmed by local hospitality, by the passion for kites of Gujarati people, by rich history and culture of this beautiful Indian state.

Kites up in Saputara! Photo by Nikunj Raghvani.

But the real deal was the travel itself. Spending hours on the bus navigating through the proverbial Indian traffic formed bonds between us. Sitting in the front with Gadis and Bob and Todd and Sergey and our travel master Shabaz we were like those guys in school sitting at the back of the class: always joking and doing crazy pranks and having so much fun those hundreds of kilometers passed like nothing.

The best bus driver ever

Kite flying in such beautiful places, meeting hundreds of eager kite lovers from all across India, seeing the most incredible flying object that defy imagination ... an experience of a lifetime.

Kites up in Surat

Crowded skies of Saputara

Our giant dog takes off in Vadodara

Robert takes it easy

The frog

The pirate dog

Doing an interview while flying

Can I try, mister?