Finally back in the air!

Well, that's not quite true, to be honest - we launched a cool kite project that will be the subject of the next post - but our last KAP session was on April 2nd ... and we were experiencing severe withdrawal syndroms.

It was an unpretentious, nice, cozy little KAP session on Ljubljana Marshes; the good old Picavet with the good old Canon A810 on it carried to the sky by the good old blue Rokkaku ...

And it was so relaxing. The wind was perfect, a cool and very gentlemanlike alder tree helped holding the kite line, and the Marshes were wearing that specific late spring green palette.

River Ižica - the subject of so many of our KAP sessions and the guardian of prehistoric pile-dwellings - flowed blissfuly unaware of the UFO above it ..

The fields are tilled, waiting for the seeds to burst up ...

This land has seen climate changes, civilizations rise and fall, devastating wars, crippling pandemics ... what is one more for it?

It felt good to be back; to fly the kite again, to set the camera and attach the Picavet ...

Kite aerial photography is ... amazing :-)

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite.