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Kites Over Vrhnika - 4th IKF Slovenia 2020

We did it again!

One of the most important task of a kite club is nurturing and spreading the culture of kite flying. So we were very excited when the Ivan Cankar Instutute of culture, tourism and sport in Vrhnika - a town some 30 km southwest from Ljubljana - called us and asked if we could do a ... kite festival!

And since the only thing bettter than a kite festival is an international kite festival, we called our friends from Zagreb, the Zmajoljupci - Kite Flying Lovers club! We met a day before for a quick kite making session to do some paper kites for kids, since a kite workshop was out of the question due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and on Saturday, 4th of July, we were at the Sport park Vrhnika with a bunch of kites!

Viktor, Maša, and Žare making paper kites for kids .. over a hundred were made!

In the morning the wind was not cooperating, but the paper kites flew perfectly ... we quickly ran out of little kites and the kids ran up and down with that special joy in their eyes - a joy typical for when the kite starts climbing to the sky.

Then we unrolled the big ones ...

... but the wind still didn't want to help ... The place was perfect, the summer day was impeccable - just the wind, the wind ... But, kite masters from Croatia and Slovenia did what they had to do and slowly coaxed the kites to leave the ground!

Soon the deltas, fleds, rokkakus, a nimble Revo, a Maxi dopero, a giant Trilobite and other kites coloured the sky above Vrhnika. A veritable spectacle had begun.

It was a constand fight with the wind that was just a bit too soft - but it didn't matter. We pulled and pumped and even ran up and down the football field, and the spectators were enjoying themselves.