Triple Bill Above Kozler's Forest

It was a beautiful windy and appropriately sunny Sunday afternoon, and Kozler's forest - a strictly protected natural monument on Ljubljana Marshes landscape park - is just a couple of kilometers away. Such an opportunity for a KAP session or two is not to be missed!

Kozler's forest (or Kozler's Thicket) is the largest remnant of a bog forest on Ljubljana Marshes. It represents the last phase of the evolution of a marsh, with tall trees (oaks, hornbeams, pines, birches etc.) standing on on a thick bed of peat that is still growing.

This 20 hectares plot of ancient wet woodland is quite magical, though this time the kite aerial photos can't really convey it ... a misdirected camera, a big tangle on the line preventing the kite to fly higher, a typical sunny afternoon laziness - but still, lifting the camera three times above Kozler's forest was fun.

It was definitely not the last time we flew kites here :-)

All kite aerial photos shot with Canon A810 on a Blue Rokkaku.